2016 Convention Tour


Supanova Brisbane November 2016

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Supanova Adelaide November 2016

Hello TCCA SA rep here to let you know that last weekend adelaide had its first tcca table at the supanova convention. We were given an amazing reception from local fans from all ages and walks of life a high point for me was the looks on the small childrens faces aswell as a few of the older fandom aswell. Many could not believe the large collection of varied bots in one place. Overall we seemed very popular in general and i hope we see the club flourish with new local members and look forward to hopefully seeing you all next year.

By Samuel Tatt, TCCA SA Rep

Full Gallery at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7dMTam-1GzwLVVuSm5OU0NZZHM



Nerdmania #1 July 2016

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Supanova Perth June 2016

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Sydney Supanova June 2016

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Dezacon 1 May 2016

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Supanova Melbourne April 2016

This past weekend we loaded up and hit Supanova Melbourne without largest display set up to date. First up a massive thank you to TCCA Secretary Simon Chambers for the use of his personal collection and Glass Display. The selection of g1 and Masterpiece figures on display was impressive, and proved to be a massive draw to the table. However “Not For Sale” or “Display Only” signs really need to be printed up because I think ode were the most asked questions across the weekend.

Another big thank you needs to go out to Eugene and Pearce from Pleasant Surprises in Diamond Ck. They supplied us with a massive selection of new figures from MP10 to Mp seekers and even some g1 and Takara Combiner Wars Gift sets. We sold a lot of it, with very little TF related available on the con Floor it was good to supply fans with some of thier childhood favourites or new must have bots. Some even sold before the doors even opened.

Friday night I was delayed leaving home so didn’t arrive at the Showgrounds until 7:50pm. We had a great location on the floor, and even were able to drive into the building to unload stock and Simon’s large display case. There were some set up issues, the power supply for one hadn’t been set up, but that was fixed quickly and they even gave us two more tables so we could position all the stock behind us. We didn’t stay for long, with a podcast to record and a motel to check into we soon left to set up in the morning.
We left set up too late, arriving at 8am the con floor was loud with the sound set up. Unpacking figures and preparing the display case was time consuming, and ate up most of the prep time. With half an hour to go until doors open, we finally got around to the cable displays, laying out club merchandise and some of the small figures donated by club members son and out to the kids, and they all left with smiles on their faces so thank you to those that send is unwanted figures, they do go to a great cause.

Saturday flew by, going for a more g1 theme on display was proven in The Gold Coast to be a big draw. But in Melbourne we went to a hole new level. Fathers showing thier sons or daughters the figures they played with when hey we’re young,and even mothers seeing figures they had, still have or sold not knowing what they had done. A big thank you to all the club members that attended and came around to say hi. It’s always great to meet members first hand and put a face to a Facebook account. By closing we had sold over $700 in figures and made a small percentage for the club.

Sunday I call Family Day, with sports and other events done, families come down for a look around and we had a lot of kids call last the table. With some spare time we did a small rework of the display, loading the front tables up small loose figures for the kids. We also had a returning visit from Cliff Jumper, Sound wave and Shockwave. A big thank you to Melbourne Transformers Cosplay Page and the lovely lady who overheats just to share her Cliff Jumper love. It’s always great to see returning visitors.

As the day Progressed so did the sales, nostalgic trips to the past and meeting of club members. When 3pm hit I needed to pack up and head for home. It’s always sad packing up, and saying goodbye to friends. It was drawn out for a hour and a half. But The boys still had figures to sell so the table stayed set up until closing time.

In summery a big thank you needs to go out to Vic Rep Jordan Trevorah, Benny Broughton and Pop Curio Owner Chris Bell for helping man the tables over the weekend. A big thank you again to Simon Chambers for the use of his display and G1 collection and Pleasant Surprises for supplying us with figures to sell. Hopefully by the next event we will have Hasbro Retail stock to sell also.

Time will tell wether the member count will jump because of last two Cons, But it’s been a great experience and the countdown is now on to e next line up of Conventions.
So stay tuned.

Full Gallery at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7dMTam-1GzwWUtnQXJmMnZpMjQ





Gold Coast Supanova April 2016.

This was out first table on the Gold Coast, and it was a great weekend. We meet a lot of new and current members and talked transformers to those reliving childhood memories. Thank you to all those that are down and said hi, it was great to meet you all in person.
This time we went for a more g1 Nostalgia display. While Masterpiece figures were in plentiful supply, having the g1 figures on display was a first and come Sunday it was very noticeable with attendee’s reactions to the display.

Full Gallery At: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7dMTam-1GzwLTJKT2k5MnN1MUE




ComiXpo Collingwood Town Hall

February 28th seen our first official con attendance for 2016 at ComiXpo in Collingwood Town Hall, Melbourne. It was a great venue, and we were made welcome by the organisers and some table and early exit requests were meet with understanding. Once again it was great to meet past and present club members, some even took up the opportunity of a free ticket to enter. We also got to talk to a lot of new members and the day was a great success.




Narre Warren Trade Day

On Feb 27th TCCA attended a local trade day in Narre Warren, SE Melbourne. Hosted by Roy Condeza and the team behind Melbourne toys, games and comic book Facebook group, it was a great day with some lovely weather. We meet a lot of franchise fans and sold some figures aswell. It was great once again to meet club members face to face and talk transformers.