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TCCA Annual Membership



In February 2015 I wanted to take a big step, taking what was just another Facebook group and making it into something legit, something that exists outside of Facebook, a club. At the time club member Justin Masaru designed us a sweet mascot in TCCA prime and a club image that we would take forward across Australia.

There are now 2 types of membership for TCCA in 2018/19.

autobot_logo_hasbro_version_by_mirk217-d3ijnas-150x150 Social Member. This membership means that the member still has full access to our Facebook Group. Sadly it is for Australian Residence only.

autobot_logo_hasbro_version_by_mirk217-d3ijnas-150x150 Paid and Proud Member. This membership entitles the Paid and Proud Member to the full TCCA experience including entry into raffles, member only giveaways, the right to vote at elections and make decisions that will help to shape TCCA’s future. The Entry level Membership fee is only $5 annually, (A decent cup of coffee really).

So what do you need to do,

  1. Decide on the membership level you wish to apply for.
  2. Send your fee to via PayPal and be sure to include your screen name, member level, postal and email address in the comments section.
  3. bank transfer fees to: Bendigo Bank
    BSB: 633000
    ACC no 159826486 Ref MEMBERSHIP
  4. Be enrolled by July 30th so you can take part in club committee nominations and then elections.

Each year the membership period runs between 1st July and expires on June 30. We have taken the time to prepare the TCCA Constitution, for which the club will use to run efficiently. This constitution is available here for you to read. At this stage, Our Club Constitution states, only Australian Residence will be eligible to become a paid member. Social Membership may be held by our current international members.

Before signing up and paying your membership, we ask that you do read our Membership Terms and Conditions.

By paying your Membership fee, YOU are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as set by TCCA. The constitution can be found in the Group files section or in the site menu under About.

Transformers Collectors Club Australia Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership renewals will be the from July 1st each year. Payment must be made within July so you can nominate and vote for the new committee member positions.

  • Transformers Collectors Club Australia is a drug free group, use of illegal Drugs at our events will result In Membership cancellation
  • State Representative and Leadership positions will be elected each year, only paid members are eligible to vote and only paid members can be elected for available positions.
  • Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Everyone is entitled to their own views and beliefs, however any members found to be trolling, sledging or making fun of other members will be removed from the club.
  • Any member that has been removed for disciplinary action will be ineligible to rejoin club until the next membership renewal period.

TCCA Membership Agreement

I Agree to follow the rules set forward buy the Constitution, Terms and Conditions, and Management Team of Transformers Collectors Club Australia.

I agree that all club meet ups are drug free and will be a family friendly environment.

I agree that if I willingly break any of the club rules, I may be removed from the club until the next membership renewal period.

I agree that this application is a legal contract to adhere to following the Clubs rules, Constitution and requests of the leadership team. By paying your membership fee  you agree to all of the above Terms and Conditions.

Your  membership fee will go towards raffle prizes, club payments, (such as convention costs) and the purchase of club stickers and merchandise. We have big plans for the future of the club and this is the first step that is required to head in the right direction.

So if you agree with all of the above, please send your membership fee to: Be sure to include your real name and screen name and your email and postal address in the comments section On Paypal.

Again a massive thank you to you all, TCCA will continue as normal on Facebook. This isn’t “you must pay or your out” there is no requirement to become a paid member, but there will be benefits to do it.

Thank You, The TCCA Committee