Meet The Committee

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autobot_logo_hasbro_version_by_mirk217-d3ijnas-150x150 In July 2015 with the start of our first membership year, we held elections for state reps Oz wide who would form the TCCA Committee to steer the club forward. The nominated and elected members are as follows.

President – Brad Oztron Mull

Vice President – John Ryan

Secretary – Simon Chambers

Treasurer – Brad Oztron Mull

Queensland Rep – John Ryan

New South Wales Rep – Michael Adamantidas

Victorian Rep – Simon Chambers

South Australian Rep. – Samuel Tatt

Western Australia Rep – Dave Stevens

Northern Territory Rep – N/A

Tasmanian Rep – Ash Wayling

ACT Rep – Keiran Rossteuscher

Club Graphic Designer – Ash Wayling


These guys are the core of TCCA, some of you would have meet them at the various meet-ups or standing behind a table at any of the conventions we’ve attended this past year. They will also be hosting tables at conventions near you.