Gun-former Laws in Australia

One of the most iconic Transformers of all time is the highly accurate replica pistol Walter P-38, also known as Megatron.


Megatron and other replica Gun-formers are affected by Australia’s gun ownership laws. These laws have caused much confusion and discussion in the past amongst Australian collectors, and questions about the issue frequently appear on the TCCA Facebook Group.

OZformers have put together a useful resource to help with Gun-former and imitation weapon ownership in Australia.

REMEMBER: This information is provided as guidance only. None of the information regarding replica weapons that you read on the TCCA Facebook group, OTCA forums or this website replaces seeking official legal advice. It is up to you as an owner of a replica weapon to ensure you have satisfied local, state and national authorities regarding these matters.

TCCA makes no comment on, nor will we enter into discussion about, Australia’s gun laws. 


Images courtesy of Pintrest