2016 Meet Ups

November – Melbourne Christmas Meet Up

For the second year the Club was welcomed back to Pleasant Surprises for our Club Christmas Party. It was a great night had by all with food, drink and plenty of bots.

August – Pleasant Surprises

TCCA recently had its third meet ‘n’ greet at Pleasant Surprises in Diamond Creek, North-East Melbourne. It was a great turnout with a dozen members coming out to have a chat and talk all things Transformers Australia. It was also the debut of TimeFormers, a speed challenge featuring a G1 Optimus Prime figure. Quickest Transformation from alt mode to robot won the special prize of a Junkion Matrix of Leadership.

There were some quick times, mainly from those having a second go at it, but in the end Boss Bot Brad took the gold with a time of 31 seconds. For the full feature and “TimeFormers” trailer be sure to check out the YouTube channel.

I’d like to thank Eugene at Pleasant Surprises for his generous hospitality once again. We have a great relationship and appreciate him opening his doors after hours for the club. Here’s to many more meet ups.

See more photos from August – Pleasant Surprises at the TCCA Google Drive Archive.

June – TCCA Melbourne Comic-Con Meet Up

Without a presence at Melbourne’s Comic-Con this year we decided we should have a meet up anyway. It was a great venue down by the water in Docklands.

A big thank you to all that attended. It was a great night out – can’t wait until the next one.

See more photos from TCCA Melbourne Comic-Con Meet Up at the TCCA Google Drive Archive.


April – TCCA Melbourne Meet Up

Saturday Night between Con days we got together at the Waterloo Cup Hotel for drinks and dinner. Thank you to the members that came along for the night. It was very enjoyable and a good night was had by all.

Gold Coast Supanova Meet Up


April 8 – TCCA Gold Coast Meet Up

Some of the Queensland Crew got together for drinks and some hands on time with Masterpiece Shockwave and his predecessors Quakewave and Quakeblast. It was a fun Afternoon – we all had our likes and dislikes with the figure. Afterwards we headed to the Gold Coast Convention Centre to set up for Supanova.

See more photos from April 8 – TCCA Gold Coast Meetup at the TCCA Google Drive Archive.