2017 Birthday Parties

Brisbane BBQ Day


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Melbourne Bowling Party

The club booked a lane for two games at King Pin Bowling at the Crown Entertainment Complex. It was a great night of bots and bowling and ended with a few dollars spent in the arcade area. Thank you to everyone that came down and had a fun night.


See more photos from Melbourne Bowling Party at the TCCA Google Drive Archive.

We started off with a meet and greet as everyone arrived and put some figures out on display.

The Speedforming contest started a little bit slowly but quickly piqued interest as people realised what was going on. We ended up with Ben Keenan & Russell Bird at 31s and 29s (but with an error) so decided to go to a rematch between the two. Ben ultimately triumphed with a final time of 25 seconds which looks like it’ll be hard to beat!

While this was going on the display was built up some more as more people arrived, and a few folks had a go at the Mystery of Convoy NES game. They probably regretted it. It’s super hard. PS3 Devastation running on the big screen proved pretty popular too.

Trivia saw a surprise upset as an unexpected team claimed victory… in the first half … only to have their lead snatched from them in the second half by Kelvin & Declan, aka “Starscream’s DJD” taking it out 51-48. Congratulations to the victors, and thank you everyone for playing! (We managed to get through it with only 2 corrections needed!)

With September 17 being the anniversary of the broadcast of the first episode of the series, we thought it was appropriate to watch it… and the other two episodes that make up the first story, “More Than Meets The Eye”, to finish the night.

Thanks again everyone for coming. Huge thanks to 1989 for opening their doors to us and accommodating everything we needed!


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