2016 Birthday Parties

November – TCCA Birthday Meet Up Sydney

It was a great night. Thanks again to Jonno Sea for being a gracious and tireless host. The awesome coffee just kept on flowing!

Thanks also to Jonathan Tunhavasana for supplying a projector for us to show some Transformers Prime and G1 classic episodes, and for supplying our lucky door prizes.

Congrats to Jonno Sea and new member Kate Cross for winning the lucky door prizes!
And finally, thanks to all those who came along, everybody got on really well, even though some of us have never met before.

Thanks also to those who couldn’t make it but sent along well wishes. We missed you!

By Michael Adamantidis, NSW Rep

See more photos from Sydney Party at the TCCA Google Drive Archive.

TCCA 3rd Birthday Party BBQ Perth

The sun shone brightly as our Perth members assembled to trade and talk Transformers for the TCCA 3rd Birthday. Thank you to all that attended. It was a great afternoon had by all.

See more photos from Perth Birthday Party at the TCCA Google Drive Archive.

TCCA 3rd Birthday Albury NSW

We had some venue issues with the local parks underwater from recent flooding, but we found a great site, and some of the TCCA members from Albury met up to talk Transformers. It was a Beast Wars heavy meet up, one member bringing a couple of tubs of loose Beast Wars figures. I wish I had money to spend LOL.