Put Your Bot To Work Wednesdays

It’s been a fun way to spend a Wednesday for a few years now. But we are spicing it up a little by making it a yearly competition.

Simply take your Bot out of you collection and take a photo of it in the real world. It can be at work, in the kitchen, in the shed, anywhere that isn’t locked behind glass or on a shelf.

Winner will be determined by the amount of likes you get so posting it up sooner is better then later.

Weekly winners go into the draw for best of the year and end of year prizes will be handed out.

Winners will also be posted here. Good luck.


IMG_4662Week 28 Alan Jones



IMG_4502Week 27 Winner Simon Chambers



IMG_4478Week 26 Darryl Anderson



IMG_4418Week 25 Winner Darryl Anderson



IMG_4393Week 24 Leif Prime



IMG_4350Week 23 Richard Bercich



IMG_4351Week 22 Rob Kindleyside



IMG_4251Week 21 Michael Vella



IMG_4207Week 20 Darryl Anderson



IMG_4123Week 19 Lief Prime


IMG_3900Week 18 Richard Bercich




IMG_3791Week 17 Winner Simon Chambers



IMG_3726Week 16 Winner Bob Kindleyside

First Giveaway winner for pre week 15 is Richard Bercich. Con grants mate you’ve won a misb Amanda Galvatron



IMG_3604Week 15 Jason Campey



Week 14 Max Tibby



Week 13 Tyson Richards



Week 12 Simon Chambers



Week 11 Leif Prime



IMG_3178Week 10 Simon Chambers VIC



IMG_3177Week 9 Alan Jones VIC



IMG_3179Week 8 Alan Jones VIC



IMG_2966Week 7 Winner Mikey Siciliano NSW



IMG_4911Week 6 Winner Liam Sanders



IMG_2866Week 5 Winner Richard Bercich



IMG_2865Week 4 Winner Ryan Howard



IMG_2807Week 3 Winner Simon Smith



IMG_2649Week 2 Scott Messom, WA



IMG_2558Week 1 Winner is Dave Stevens of WA