Put Your Bot To Work 2017 Competition

It’s been a fun way to spend a Wednesday for a few years now. But we are spicing it up a little by making it a yearly competition.


Congratulations to this years Weekly and end of year winners.

Yearly Winners:

1st place Week 7 winner Mikey Siciliano


IMG_5502Week 38 Winner Simon Chambers




IMG_5453Week 37 Winner Brad Oztron Mull


Week 36 Winner Mikey Siciliano


23755784_139721126748090_181683675188791002_nWeek 35 Winner Adam Templeton


IMG_5173Week 34 Winner John Ryan



23379963_1914647785462229_1889265720528081523_nWeek 33 Winner Hayley Anderson


IMG_5011Week 32 Winner Russell Bird


IMG_4920Week 31 Winner Alan Jones


Week 30 Giveaway Winner Lief Prime


IMG_4800Week 30 Winner Christopher Turner



IMG_4799Week 29 Winner Darryl Anderson



IMG_4662Week 28 Alan Jones



IMG_4502Week 27 Winner Simon Chambers



IMG_4478Week 26 Darryl Anderson



IMG_4418Week 25 Winner Darryl Anderson



IMG_4393Week 24 Leif Prime



IMG_4350Week 23 Richard Bercich



IMG_4351Week 22 Rob Kindleyside



IMG_4251Week 21 Michael Vella



IMG_4207Week 20 Darryl Anderson



IMG_4123Week 19 Lief Prime


IMG_3900Week 18 Richard Bercich




IMG_3791Week 17 Winner Simon Chambers



IMG_3726Week 16 Winner Bob Kindleyside

First Giveaway winner for pre week 15 is Richard Bercich. Con grants mate you’ve won a misb Amanda Galvatron



IMG_3604Week 15 Jason Campey



Week 14 Max Tibby



Week 13 Tyson Richards



Week 12 Simon Chambers



Week 11 Leif Prime



IMG_3178Week 10 Simon Chambers VIC



IMG_3177Week 9 Alan Jones VIC



IMG_3179Week 8 Alan Jones VIC



IMG_2966Week 7 Winner Mikey Siciliano NSW



IMG_4911Week 6 Winner Liam Sanders



IMG_2866Week 5 Winner Richard Bercich



IMG_2865Week 4 Winner Ryan Howard



IMG_2807Week 3 Winner Simon Smith



IMG_2649Week 2 Scott Messom, WA



IMG_2558Week 1 Winner is Dave Stevens of WA