May Donation Drive is now On


Welcome to the TCCA May Donation Drive, with three great prizes are on offer!

Well here we are at may already, where has the year gone? The clubs been present at two of our favourite events this year that being Melbourne Supanova and the Adelaide Mega Toy fair. These were once again fantastic events with great fan interaction and a lot of hard work done buy our club reps and helpers.
(You can find photos from these events on the TCCA Website and in the Facebook group)

These events cost money though, and TCCA is a Not For Profit club, which means that the support for attending these events comes from members like YOU.

TCCA Donation Drives raise money to make these things and the club possible. But let’s have a look at the prizes on offer this time around.

For every $5 you donate to support the club, you’ll receive an entry in the draw for one of these great prizes:

MISB MP Inferno

MISB Takara Street fighter II Ryu v Vega

MISB Takara Legends Big Blue Convoy

Mib G1 Reissue Jazz

MISB DX9 X13d megatron

That’s over $300 in prizes!

Entry is simple: for every $5 donation you’ll get an entry in the draw. You can donate multiples of $5 to get more entries, and more gratitude from the club.

Donations can be made by the following two ways:

PayPal: Send to

Bank Transfer:
BSB: 016494
ACC: 159826486
Reference: “Donation”
Bendigo Bank

Note: Be sure to include your Facebook name in the comment/reference field, so we can match up your donation with your entries!

Last tickets will be issued June 14th 2019, and the live draw will be broadcast on Sunday June 16th Time TBA.

Good luck on behalf of myself and the TCCA committee and admins!

Brad Oztron Prime
President, TCCAB491B121-5B82-44AF-AC70-42121452FB37

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