Bot Shots 2019


2019 Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions.

It’s been a fun weekly staple in the discussion group now for a few years.

Bot Shots Weekly is the club competition where we want to see your figures out of thier display and out in the real world.

Whether it’s helping with the housework, creating a distraction at your workplace or exploring the local area TCCA wants to see it.

But first there are a couple of rules.

1 Only ONE photo permitted per member per week. Weekly winners go into a monthly draw to become that months winner. Those monthly winners will go into the end of year draw for a figure. Because there’s only 11 positions up for grabs In that final week winners will be limited to 2 wins only. In the event of a repeated winner getting the most likes the runner up will that months winner.


2 Entrants please don’t “Like” your own image. Likes for your own post will not be counted.


3 Photos must be your own and not taken by a 3rd party (photographers taking a photo of you with Bot accepted)


4 Photos can be enhanced with filters etc, but no photoshopping allowed. This may include

-Inserting figure into a different background,

-Inserting a person into the Image,

-Inserting a foreign object to image, Etc


5 Any text to accompany image should be posted with image not in it.


6 Votes are counted by the number of “Likes” a image has.


7 Brad as Club President will not vote unless there’s a tie where his vote will determine a winner.


8 Members posting inappropriate images or not following competition rules/conditions (including page rules) will be disqualified and your votes discounted

9 posting your image to the TCCA Discussion group allows TCCA to use you image in anyway we see fit including future promotions or displays at conventions.


How it works:

Competition post goes up in the group each Wednesday. Entrants can post thier photo up until midday Friday of the same week. Votes will be counted and winner announced Friday nights at a time up to the discretion of TCCA Admins.


This year the competition will run a little differently. Each weekly winner will go head to head tobe the monthly winner. Monthly winners then go into the end of year draw for a prize.


Competition will start on Wednesday February 20th and run for the entire year. Final monthly winner will be drawn Friday November 30th, and yearly winner will be drawn on Friday December 7th.


End of year draw will consist of all 10 monthly winners going head to head and fan vote for the winner that has the most likes.


Good luck All.





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