TCCA Xmas Donation Drive is here!

Hello and welcome to our 5th annual Christmas Donation Drive. This year has been our biggest one yet. It’s been a great year with appearances at Supanova and Comic Con. Also, some great meetups all made possible through donations to the club from members and non-members and it’s greatly appreciated. Without its members, the club wouldn’t exist.

This year we have sourced a lot of prizes, covering a lot of the transformers 35 year history. We hope there’s something here for every collector so let’s have a look at the prize list.

Unite Warriors Titan class Devastator MIB
Takara G1 Reissue Diecast Predaking
MISB OcularMax (OX) PS-06R TFcon Limited Terraegis Rally
MISB FansToys (FT) FT-24 Rouge
MISB Junkion Matrix of Leadership Misb
Hasbro MP 04 Prowl
MISB Titans Return Leader Sky Shadow
MISB Titans Return Voyager Blitzwing
MISB Titans Return Voyager Octone
G1 reissue Starscream Misb
G1 Reissue Hotrod Misb
MOSC Titans Return Triggerhappy
MOSC Titans Return Deluxe Krok
MOSC Titans Return Deluxe Quake
G1 Marvel comic issue #1
MOSC Titans Return Legends Kickback
MOSC Titans Return Legends Brawn
MOSC Titans Return Legends Gnaw
MOSC Titans Return Legends Seaspray
MOSC Titans Return Legends Cosmos
20 individual prizes in total our biggest stocking yet. A massive thank you to members that donated figures or gave the club a discount in purchasing these figures it’s very much appreciated.

We run our Donation Drives one simple way. $5 donation gets you an entry into the draw. There’s no limit to tickets offered and anyone can enter. Please include your email address or screen name so we can contact you with ticket numbers. Donations can be sent to the Club PayPal account at:
Ref: Xmas Donation

Or via Bank deposit at:

Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633000
ACC no 159826486
Ref: Xmas Donation

Winners will be drawn using a random number generator and then asked to select a prize. 1st place gets the first pick, 2nd gets second pick etc. This has always worked the best as winners can pick thier prefered prize instead of being locked into a figure they already have or don’t want. And of course, as previously stated prizes are allowed to be sold afterwards by winners if they wish.

Donation drive opens November 5th and will run for 5 weeks. Last tickets will be issued on Friday 14th December at midnight and the live draw will be held on Sunday 16th December at 4pm AEDST. Prizes will be shipped That Monday in a hope to be delivered before Xmas day so your prize can go under your tree.

So once again thank you and good luck.

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