April Donation Drive is now Live!


We have some great figures on offer kindly donated by some of our local retailers. A massive thank you to Toybot Importz and Savier’s Toys for thier generous contributions and continued support of TCCA.

A donation of just $5 gets you in the draw.


MISB Unique Toys Peru Kill
MISB Hasbro MP10 Shattered Glass
MISB Transformers Movie The Best – MB-18 War hammer Bumblebee
MISB Takara Legends LG-65 Targetmaster Twin Twist
MISB Takara Legends LG-66 Targetmaster Topspin
MISB Takara INFOBAR Optimus Prime
Transformers Energon Bruticus (loose, complete)
Transformers: The Movie (1986) Bluray


TCCA’s goal is to unite Transformers fans around Australia. We do this by attending events like Supanova, Oz Comic Con, Comixpo and more, to meet fans and encourage them to join us. We attend small and large events around the country and we’re staffed by volunteers who give their time to help the club accomplish this goal.

As a registered club in Victoria we also run members giveaways and organise competitions like Bot Shots, the group’s weekly photography contest. We also administer the largest Australian Transformers sales group on Facebook.

Attending events and running competitions isn’t cheap – tables at a single convention alone can cost hundreds of dollars. This is why we ask you to support us with a donation to help us pay for our attendance at these events.

If you enjoy participating in discussions in our group or even if, please consider donating to help the club. Its about the same price as your morning coffee, and you can win some great prizes!


A $5 donation gets you an entry into the draw. There’s no limit to tickets offered, and anyone can enter.

Enter with PayPal:

Donations can be sent to the TCCA PayPal account at: transformerscca@gmail.com

Please include your email address or screen name so we can contact you with ticket numbers.

Entry with Bank Deposit:

Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633000
ACC no 159826486
Ref: TCCA Donation

Please contact us at transformerscca@gmail.com with details of your transaction to ensure we’ve got your donation recorded.


The Donation Drive opens Monday April 9 and will run until Friday May 4.

Winners will be announced via live draw streamed in the Facebook discussion group on Sunday May 6 at 6pm AEST.

Full terms and conditions can be found on the club website – transformerscca.com

Thank you and good luck!
TCCA Committee and Admins

Terms and Conditions:
1. For each donation of $5 a digital ticket number will be issued. There’s no requirement to keep your number as we have it copied and archived for the draw.
2. Confirmation of donations received and ticket numbers issues mainly via Facebook pm unless no account is active. Secondly attempt will be sent via email donation was sent from.
3. Please be aware TCCA office hours are from 6am til 5pm weekdays. So please be patient on awaiting donation confirmation.
4. Entry is open to all Tcca members and the general public. TCCA President is excluded from entering as he marshals and runs Donation Drive.
5. Prizes have been donated and purchased from TCCA members. Descriptions best describe figure condition at point of postage to winners. TCCA can not be at fault for issues packages face during transport to winners.
6. All in prizes will be shipped as soon as possible after the draw has been run. Please expect at least a week post draw before items are shipped.
7. There will be no refunds or prize exchanges after the live draw on May 6th.
8. Winners will be emailed/pmd as thier name is drawn on the night of 6th May. Please be sure your online after 6pm AEST to ensure a quick prize selection.
9. Prizes will be selected in order of names drawn.
10.Your name can only be selected once. There is no
doubling up on prizes.
11. Live draw will be via google hangouts on the TCCA
YouTube Channel
12. Ticket numbers are drawn by a random number
generator and numbers shown on screen as they are
13. Winner will be announced online via Facebook group
and web site


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