Episode 148 Now Online


It’s almost a new week and maybe a new release schedule for he show also.
So without further delay Episode 148 is now online.


Show Notes:

Welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly, your last best hope for Transformers news in Australia.

This is episode 148, we are recording live on April 6th, 2018

In this episode we’ll be talking about
-More Optimus Prime figures than you can shake a Matrix at
-In Hand images of Power of the Primes Predacons,
-The end of the IDW comics universe
-And we’ll run a betting pool for how long we’ll have to wait for all the figures Fans Toys just revealed
-An much much more coming up after this…

Cut to Intro:
Opening credits (8bit Transformers Theme)

What have you been up to this week?
Jason: Barcelona! Paris!

00:13:51 Bot Shots Weekly
The newest weekly competition in the TCCA Facebook group. Bot Shots Weekly is the successor to put Your Bot to work and follows the same idea. But now we have weekly winners that go into a monthly draw for a prize. Those monthly winners go into a hat for a yearly prize. Full T’s n C’s are on the web site at the link provided.
This weeks winner is: Allen Chang
Last weeks winner was Alan Jones.

And the monthly winner for march is…..Alan Jones.

00:16:18 Studio Series hits Australia

00:25:59 Power of the Primes Nemesis Prime Revealed
Revealed by TF Russia

00:28:13 Power Of The Primes Predacons In-Hand Images from Takara
Expected September
Also in the same reveal – octopunch, battletrap

TFW2005’s Power of the Primes Alpha Trion with Landmine Gallery

00:33:13 Unicron will bring an end to the current IDW comics universe
Culmination to 10 years of comics
Can be hard to bring on new readers 10 years into a franchise
Don’t let the things you love go on into oblivion; end them on a high
Whats next? Not sure.

“TRANSFORMERS: UNICRON is a grand finale to the past 12 years of TRANSFORMERS comics at IDW and to really celebrate that and to celebrate the people who have made it such an amazing ride, we’re getting some amazing, beloved artists to contribute to what I’m sure will be our biggest—literally—TRANSFORMERS story ever,” said David Mariotte, Associate Editor. “This is an event years in the making and one that only works because of the years fans and creators have invested in the comic.”
The action kicks off on Free Comic Book Day, May 5th, with the #0 issue,
Other news
00:39:06 X2 Toys Giga Raiden Prototype Images (G1 Optimus Prime)

00:41:21 DX9 Dutch (Legends Scaled G1 Optimus Prime) Color Prototype Gallery

00:44:34 DX9 X34B Plissken (Legends Scaled Nemesis Prime / Black Convoy) Color Prototype

00:45:34 TFC Toys S.T. Commander (Rolling Thunder Optimus)

Here come the fans toys headmasters!

00:48:26 Fans Toys Dracula – Color Images

00:49:18 Fans Toys FT-26 Chomp (MP Skullcruncher) Prototype Images

00:50:07 Fans Toys FT-28 Hydra (Masterpiece scaled Sixshot) Test Shot

Brad: dx9 war in pocket snarl and slag
Jason: a whole load of stuff
John: rodimus and friend

Members giveaway time!
094QLD Daniel Worsley
082WA Shannon O’Brian
Monday the April Donation Drive goes live. Stay tuned for more info.

01:17:12 OUTRO
Thank you for listening! And if you’re watching along with the live record, thanks for checking us out.

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You can find more information at http://www.transformerscca.com

Thank you for listening, we’ll be back with more Transformers news next week.

End Credits (added in post)

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