Australian Transformers Weekly Episode 139 Show Notes


Episode  139 now online

Welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly, your first stop and your last best hope for Transformers news in Australia.

This is episode 139, we are recording live on January 27th, 2018 HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY

In this episode we’ll be talking about
The Last Knight nominated for good and bad awards,
Mech planet is back with a repainted bug,
We draw the January Bot Shots winner,
All that and more

Cut to Intro:
Opening credits (8bit Transformers Theme)

What have you been up to this week?
Aust day events

00:07:30 Bot Shots Weekly

The newest weekly competition in the TCCA Facebook group. Bot Shots Weekly is the successor to put Your Bot to work and follows the same idea. But now we have weekly winners that go into a monthly draw for a prize. Those monthly winners go into a that for a yearly prize. Full T’c n C’s are on the web site at the link provided.

This weeks winner is: Chris Turner

And now for the January giveaway,
Week 1 Jason
Week 2 Allen Chang
Week 3 Craig Goodreid
Week 4 Chris Turner
And the January winner is……..Allen Chang

00:10:57 Bumblebees new look.

00:18:13 bee movie figures being added to studio series.

00:23:13 Hasbro Cinematic Universe Is Shrinking, Transformers Unaffected

00:31:23 The Last Knight has been included for the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Nominations.
The nominees for the 65th annual Golden Reel Awards, which honor sound artists and their contributions to the past year’s most outstanding feature film, TV, animation and computer entertainment productions, have included The Last Knight in the following category:

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Music Score
Transformers: The Last Knight
Paramount Pictures
Supervising Music Editor: Alex Gibson
Music Editors: Jeannette Surga, Jason Ruder, Brian Lawson, Sam Zeines, Daniel DiPrima, Darryl Hall, Phillip Tallman, Dane Leon.

The Last Knight will compete with films like: Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman among others. The awards in 23 categories will be doled out Sunday, February 18, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

-The Last Knight has also been nominated for a rassie

Other news
00:34:57 Our first image of MAAS Toys Renegade (Tetra Jet Cybertronian Starscream) Prototype has come to light.
The image surfaced via MAAS Toys Twitter and Facebook accounts. We can see the torso of this take on G1 Starscream who transforms into a Cybertronian fighter similar to the Tetra Jets we saw on the classic G1 Cartoon. The figure is expected to be 20 cm tall and the respective repaints as Thundercracker and Skywarp have also been announced before.
No price or release date yet

00:41:22 images have surfaced via Mech Planet Weibo account and we can see that this take on G1 Goldbug is a repaint of their previous Mech Planet Hot Soldiers HS-09 (G1 Bumblebee) with a new head. This Legends scale G1 styled Goldbug will include some nice extras like 2 guns, an extra Bumblebee head, a tiny transforming Ravage and the famous Autobot scout satellite: Sky Spy.

00:44:41 The Main Discussion
Kieran asked about Limited edition figures from Hasbro and Takara eg TR Arcee and Grotusque, and their difficulty being purchased.

Brad: super awesome bumble bee train carriage
Max: Planet X Senectus, Open and Play Big Spring, MP Sunstreaker.

It’s out last push for memberships. There’s about 20 warrior level packs available so if you’ve wanted to be a member Now’s the time.
Congratulations to Andrew Dunn and Adrian calata on winning the Australia Day Members Giveaway. Next giveaway will be at Easter so Now’s your last chance to sign up

Thank you for listening! And if you’re watching along with the live record, thanks for checking us out.

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Thank you for listening, we’ll be back with more Transformers news next week.


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