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Episode 138 is now online


Welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly, your first stop and your last best hope for Transformers news in Australia.

This is episode 138, we are recording live on January 19th, 2018

In this episode we’ll be talking about
The Newest reveal from Takara’s Masterpiece line,
Giga Power have a big dinobot on the way,
All that and more coming up.

Cut to Intro:
Opening credits (8bit Transformers Theme)

What have you been up to this week?
-brad, getting twisted

00:04:45 Bot Shots Weekly

The newest weekly competition in the TCCA Facebook group. Bot Shots Weekly is the successor to put Your Bot to work and follows the same idea. But now we have weekly winners that go into a monthly draw for a prize. Those monthly winners go into a that for a yearly prize. Full T’c n C’s are on the web site at the link provided.

This weeks winner is: Craig Goodreid

00:08:30 Power of the Primes is available in Australia
19.95 legends
34.95 – 37.95 deluxe
49.95 voyager
94.99 leader

00:19:10 We have images of the new Beast Wars Masterpiece: MP-34S Shadow Panther.
The figure is a black repaint of previous MP-34 Cheetor. It is a homage to the old Takara Beast Wars D-7 Shadow Panther. The original toy was also a straight repaint of the first BW Cheetor toy. This new Masterpiece figure will include a new battle mask which is also a reference to the original BW mold of the character and with the unused communicator arm band that the test shot Cheetor had, in addition to multiple faces.
MP Shadow Panther will be a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive. It’s scheduled to be released late in August 2018 for 8,000 yen.

Other news
00:24:28 Giga recently released the third bot in their collection, Graviter (Masterpiece-Styled Sludge) and as expected, Graviter is one MASSIVE bot. He towers over both the standard scale Masterpiece figures as well as the previously released and slightly smaller in scale Fans Toys Dinobots.
Graviter features an incredible amount of chrome, a gorgeous, deep cherry red paint job on his torso, silver paint over the rest of the figure, plus extra paint apps throughout to really make the details pop. All of which comes together to give this figure the look of the high-end collectible that he is
He comes with his plasma rifle, dual misleading launchers and energy sword, plus toy-accurate clear pieces for the head, neck and tail. He even comes with a flame effect piece for his sword!

00:28:37 3P Mech Planet has shared several new images of their Hot Soldiers Legends Size HS-02 Optimus Prime Prototype.
The images surfaced via Mech Toys Facebook and Weibo. This little figure proves to be really nice sculpted in a classic G1 style. It includes a Matrix (that you can put inside the chest), Optimus iconic blaster and energy axe, Roller (tiny), and a proper trailer compatible with previous Mech Toys figures like HS-09 Big Yellow Bee (Bumblebee) and HS-07 Iron Tin (Ironhide). Comparison pics with other figures of this line in robot mode are included but no images of the alt mode yet. There is no information on price or release date yet.

00:31:06 Mech Planet has also shown off their take on a Hearts of Steel styled Bumblebee, done in the same legends style as their other releases.

00:34:08 We have new images of their upcoming Perfect Effect PC-23 Upgrade Set for POTP Dinobots. The images now give us a look at all the new extra parts and weapons to improve POTP Volcanicus Combiner and the Dinobots. The new parts can be integrated with Grimlock and other Dinobots as weaponry, the individual swords can combine into a massive sword for Volcanicus and you get new forearms and upper legs for Voyager Grimlock. Set Contents:
Sword x5, Shield x1, Arm x2, Thigh x2, Dino Fighter x1, Combine Part x1. This set is expected for release on April.

Max: Weijiang AOE Hound and MP Sunstreaker.
Jason: MP 15/16-E, MP jSunstreaker

Australia Day events are still being organised. We current have a BBQ in Melbourne and a meet up in Sydney organised, more to come soon.
It’s out last push for memberships. There’s about 20 warrior level packs available so if you’ve wanted to be a member Now’s the time.
Next members only giveaway will be on Australia Day. We have a badcube pipes and a one of a kind decepticon door mat on offer for members only.

Thank you for listening! And if you’re watching along with the live record, thanks for checking us out.

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You can find more information at http://www.transformerscca.com

Thank you for listening, we’ll be back with more Transformers news next week.

End Credits (added in post)


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