ATW Podcast Episode 137 Show Notes

Episode 137 is now online.

Welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly, your first stop and your last best hope for Transformers news in Australia.

This is episode 137, we are recording live on January 12th, 2018

In this episode we’ll be talking about
We have a good look at the new movie mp Ironhide,
Machinima is moving on the disaster train with casting for Power of the Primes,
Zeta Toys is going combining thier efforts with some big bots,
All that and more coming up.

Cut to Intro:
Opening credits (8bit Transformers Theme)

What have you been up to this week?
-Mikey hasbro meet up
-Jason London trip

00:09:15 Bot Shots Weekly

The newest weekly competition in the TCCA Facebook group. Bot Shots Weekly is the successor to put Your Bot to work and follows the same idea. But now we have weekly winners that go into a monthly draw for a prize. Those monthly winners go into a that for a yearly prize. Full T’c n C’s are on the web site at the link provided.

This weeks winner is: Allen Chang

00:11:04 First up we have HD shots of this weeks Hong Kong Toys And Games Fair 2018. The star was undoubtedly was MPM-06 Ironhide.
We have clear and nice shots of the presentation of the new Autobot Weapon specialist Masterpiece figure. Some of the shots give us a clear look at the back of the toy and the way it manages the kibble. Of course, we have close-ups of the figure in both modes and standing next to his partner MPM-03 Bumblebee.
As an extra bonus, we have extra images of the previously announced MPM-05 Barricade.

00:14:44 Machinima’s Titans return series ending Discussion.

00:24:35 Next we have the full voice cast of Machinima’s Transformers: Power Of The Prime animated webseries. The list now includes the characters voiced by the artists.
Regarding the new talent who joined the already star-studded cast:
Mark Hamill – Megatronus
Ron Perlman – Optimus Primal
Jaime King – Solus Prime
Gregg Berger – Grimlock/Volcanicus
Nuufolau Joel “Samoa Joe” Seanoa – Predaking
Mikey Way – Snarl

Rest of cast on weblink

00:28:07 We have an in-hand image of all five Dinobots from Power of the Primes merged into their mighty Volcanicus form. We’ve seen a few shots of the combination at conventions, but this image is the first one we’re aware of in the wild using the toys we’ll all soon be picking up from store shelves. Note that the transformation on the individual figures is not 100% spot on – Slag’s arms for example are not tabbed in here – so the final article may look a little tidier.

00:31:57 Finally images have surfaced and we now have a better look at Studio Series Voyager Class Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Megatron. Previously, we saw only a partially concealed teaser of this figure, but now we are treated to its full glory.
This Voyager Class toy is based on the Decepticon tyrant’s appearance on the second movie of the Live Action Movie Series by director Michael Bay. As we learned previously, this new toy comes with a cardboard background depicting ‘Forest Fight’; series’ most beloved action sequence.

Other news
00:39:45 We have our first look at the packaging of Zeta Toys take on the classic G1 Aerialbot Fireflight. ZB-01 Fly Fire is part of Zeta Toys Kronos (Superion/Aerialbots) together with ZB-02 Airstrike (G1 Air Raid) and ZB-03 Silver Arrow (G1 Silverbolt). The back of the packaging is part of a nice Superion art that you can complete with the boxes of the rest of the Aerialbots. The new images let us see the great detail and style of Fly Fire / Fireflight in some awesome dynamic poses and the well integrated jet mode. Some images let us see the way Fly Fire works as Superion’s arm creating a very original and solid elbow.

00:43:37 Staying with Zeta Toys, we have new Zeta Toys Armageddon (Masterpiece-styled Bruticus) Color Prototype Images.
This massive Combiner, designed to go with your Masterpiece collection, is supposed to be around 50 cm. tall and we can see the nice details and proportions Zeta Toys worked on this release. While this is a color prototype, the images indicate they are not the final colors, so we could expect some changes in the future.
Three of the components have already been released: ZA-01 Take Off (Blast Off). Zeta A-02 Whirlblade (Vortex) and Zeta A-04 Uproar (Brawl) with the next figures upcoming in the next months.

00:46:55 3P company Iron Warrior is bringing a full articulated non-transformable rendition of TFP Optimus Prime and, from what we can see from the new images, it is a totally cartoon accurate version which we are sure will please many TFP fans. The figure will feature interchangeable faces (with mouth or face plate), articulated fingers, double regular swords and the iconic and powerful Star Saber sword from the show

00:51:28 Iron Warrior have also shown off their rendition of Movie Brawl. Once again a non-transforming figure, but still packed with plenty of detail and accessories.

Brad: TR Trypticon
Mikey: Open&Play Big Cannon, TR Trypticon w Lables, Encore G1 Sky Lynx, Legends Hot Rod & MP Sunstreaker
Max (01:06:21) Takara Legends Skids, Generations Kup with Igear add ons
Jason: (01:12:46) everything

Australia Day bbqs are being organised around the place, stay tuned for info on where.
It’s out last push for memberships. There’s about 20 warrior level packs available so if you’ve wanted to be a member Now’s the time.
Next members only giveaway will be on Australia Day. We have a badcube pipes and a one of a kind decepticon door mat on offer for members only.

01:30:52 OUTRO
Thank you for listening! And if you’re watching along with the live record, thanks for checking us out.

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Thank you for listening, we’ll be back with more Transformers news next week.

End Credits (added in post)


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