Australian Transformers Weekly is now live.

Introducing Australian Transformers Weekly, the successor to Off The Shelf is now online. Episode 101 is up at iTunes and podbean to download or watch the raw show on the you tube channel.

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Show Notes
Opening credits (8bit Transformers Theme)

Welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly, your first choice for Australian Transformers news and reviews.

This is episode 101 Recorded live on March 31st, 2017

This week your hosts are:
Brad Mull, president of Transformers Collectors Club Australia
Max Tibby

00:07:26 Take Your Bot To Work Day
Take your bot to work day has been relaunched with a competition by TCCA. Each Wednesday in the TCCA Facebook group there’s a post for the week’s competition. Submit your “bot in the real world pic” for a chance to win some great prizes.

This week’s winner was Simon Smith


00:09:48 Takara Tomy MP-36 Megatron is now being released overseas:

00:18:48 It Will Won’t Have Orange Safety Cap from HLJ

00:22:38 Transformers: Robots In Disguise Season 3 Episode 1 To Air April 1st?
And it’s containing 26 episodes

00:26:59 Hobby Expo in China – Third Party Roundup

00:41:36 Iron Factory IF-EX18D Lord Scorpion (Dark Matter Version) Revealed

00:44:58 New In-Hand Images of Generation 1 Unicron Lamp

New Releases:
Transformers: Lost Light #4
Transformers: Till All Are One #8

June 2017 solicitations revealed:

00:55:56 The Main Discussion.

Bill brought it up on episode 100, but Dene Hillman in the TCCA discussion group has continued the question about whether you open 3p figures more so than official. Some of the responses:

01:06:28 Do you spend a lot of money on your collection and not a lot of money on your display?

Brad: Maketoys hellfire and wrestle
Jason: MMC Carnifex, Titans Return Wave 3 Deluxes
Max: G1 menasor and magnus parts. Micromaster fixit, stakeout and hyperdrive. WST red alert. Generation toy megasorry.


01:31:58 OUTRO
Thank you for listening,

ATW is Australia’s weekly Transformers podcast produced by Transformers Collectors Club Australia.
The TCCA website is – there you’ll find links to the club’s Facebook discussion group, the sales group, the YouTube channel and Twitter page and of course, this podcast!

You can also find the podcast on iTunes, so please head over there and give us a review – the link is on the website and in the show notes.

End Credits (added in post)

-new podcast URL will be

News Stories
Additional Images Of MPM-3 Bumblebee

New Transformers Generations Cyber Series Optimus Prime Redeco

Transformers: The Last Knight 1-Step Turbo Changer Cogman Revealed?

MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron Transformation Video

Takara Movie The Best Optimus Prime And Dinoraiders Grimlock And Strafe Box And In Hand Pictures

New In-hand images of Takara LG-43 Dinosaurer (Trypticon)

Iron Factory IF-EX18D Lord Scorpion (Dark Matter Version) Revealed



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