Episode 100 Now Online



Here we are, episode 100. A big thank you to those that have guest hosted, left feedback or iTunes reviews over the last two years. Next week we are shifting gears and heading into a new direction. We hope you can stay on board and join us.

Watch at : https://youtu.be/r-RuYrSH2iY
Listen via podbean app at http://www.offtheshelftcca.podbean.com

Show notes

Opening credits added in edit (Podcast Intro)
Tribute to the guests of Off The Shelf past and Present.

00:08:30 OPENING
Hello and welcome to Off The Shelf, the Voice of Transformers Collector Club Australia.

This is episode 100 Recorded live on March 25th, 2017

James Knobknocker (Mikey)
Max Tiny
Bill (who is ½ way to shitfaced right now)
Captain Jack Sparrow
JJ’s it’s a warehouse, JJ’s.

>>>What have you been up to this week?
Ballerinas and cocaine.

This week:
Paid and Proud Member count: 154
Facebook Member count: 2198 +11 from last week

It’s the final week of the march Donation drive, full info is on the website. Competition is open to everyone in Australia so empty those gold coins out of your piggy bank and donate now.

00:22:28 TYBTWD
Take your bot to work day has been relaunched with a competition. Each Wednesday look for the post on the group and submit your bot in the real world pic for a chance to win some great prizes.

Congratulations to this week’s winner
Scott Messom for your photo of Perceptor at work.

Your Photo will go up on the site and your in the draw for the end of year giveaway.

00:25:31 One More Transformers The Last Knight Figure Revealed

00:32:36 Transformers: Hearts Of Steel Soundwave And Scourge Concept Sketches

00:40:01 Official Transformers Pet Costumes Revealed

00:45:57 New Images of Takara Legends Dinosaurer (Trypticon)

3rd PARTY and KO


Movie News:
00:53:55 Transformers: The Last Knight IMAX Poster

01:00:41 8 Motion Posters for TF: TLK Revealed; First Look at Cogman
01:12:23 The Main Discussion.

We’ve been on the air for 2 years now, how has your collecting changed over the years? Are you focusing on certain lines? Any lines your opinion changed on?

Listener input:
Facebook input

Max: 07 movie nightwatch prime, MMC Kultur, mech ideas gauntlet and piston.
Mikey: Custom Metroplex, X-Transbots Eligos, FansToys Grinder
Bill: Encore Metroplex.

02:01:30 OUTRO
Thank you for listening,

Off The Shelf is the podcast for Transformers Collectors Club Australia.
The TCCA website is http://www.transformerscca.com – there you’ll find links to our Facebook discussion group, the sales group, the YouTube channel and Twitter page and of course, this podcast!

You can also find the podcast on iTunes, so please head over there and give us a review – the link is on the website and in the show notes.
End Credits (added in post)

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