First look: Titans Return Misfire and Slugslinger revealed; close up images of RID Soundwave and Blurr

The Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair is on in Melbourne today, which means Hasbro’s in town. We were invited to an Ozformers meetup (cheers, guys!) where a Hasbro rep brought by some upcoming releases – both known and unknown.

First, there’s the figures we know about: In the Titans Return line we got a look at the upcoming / just released Wave 4 Deluxe figures (depending where you get your figures from) – Perceptor, Topspin and Kup, along with some new Titan Masters.

Some of the new Warrior figures – Soundwave and Blurr – were also on the table. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these figures, it was an opportunity to get a good close up look at them.

The really cool part? A first look at a couple of new upcoming Titans Return deluxe figures – Slugslinger (blue jet) and Misfire (purple jet). It’s not clear whether these figures are part of Wave 5 or beyond.

These figures were pretty much prototype form – arms and legs moved, but they felt a little delicate so we didn’t attempt to transform them.

We’re told that Misfire is due in July, while Slugslinger is due in September. Wave assortment wasn’t disclosed, but you could guess that they might be Waves 5/6, depending on how The Last Knight affects the release schedule for Titans Return.

A big thank you to Ozformers for the invitation to today’s meet, and of course to Hasbro for bringing along some new figures for us all to poke and prod! Check out the Ozformers coverage, or join the Transformers Collectors Club Australia Facebook group to discuss.




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  1. Brad says:

    Please be aware some of these are not transformed correctly


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