TCCA August Donation Drive is Over

The August Donation drive is now over, a massive thank you to all that donated. We have our 17 winners, congratulations to you all.

1st Keiran R
2nd Arno Palmer
3rd Jay Joseph
4th Kevin Choo
5th Roy Condeza
6th Samuel Tatt
7th Danny Quinlan
8th Max Tibby
9th Dave Stevens
10th Jerome Dizon
11th Chris Stefou
12th Kris Ipsen
13th Gavin Skupin
14th Stiven Ludas
15th Adam Templeton
16th Jason Rogerson
17th Jason Murray

We handed out 311 Tickets which allowed us to now renew our insurence policy and book tables at Adelaide and Brisbane Supanova Conventions, as well as Border Domensions and very soon a table at PopCon Sydney. We also have our Birthday month coming up, events are being planned in every state so keep a eye on the Upcoming events page for a meet up near you.


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