Meet the new TCCA Committee


I’d like to introduce you to some returning and some new members of the TCCA committee.

I returned to the president role by default after another nominee withdrew from voting.
For Vice President with 25 votes, John Ryan has been voted in as club VP. Last years VP Dylan Laherstorfer came in second with 11 votes and third was Benny Messenger with 11 votes.
Treasurer this year with 22 votes is myself once again. It was equal second place between Christian Lando and Dylan Laherstorfer with 10 votes each.
Simon Chambers was elected Victorian Rep with 11 votes, Shaun Howard was second with 1 vote.
Michael Adamantidis held on to his position of NSW Rep, getting 9 votes agains Jason Attenborough’s 2 votes.
South Australia has a new Rep with Samuel Tatt voted in 4 to 1 agains Max Tibby.
I’d like to welcome all the new members, I’d also like to thank the 110 of you that paid up in July and took part in the nomination and voting weeks.
Now it’s over, it’s time to knuckle down and start organising the clubs birthday in September. There’s a meet n greet this weekend in Melbourne and we have Brisbane and Adelaide Supanova’s to organise also.
The August Donation Drive is currently on and there’s some great prizes there for all that donate, there will be another members only giveaway in November and our massive Christmas stocking is getting filled as I speak. So we have a busy time ahead. Thank you

Brad Oztron Prime,
TCCA President


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