August Donation Drive is Now Live


Here we go, it’s been a little while, the committee has been busy behind the scenes with local events and gearing up for a new membership year. So it’s about time we have another Donation Drive. We have both Brisbane and Adelaide Supanova’s to book. September is Tcca’s Birthday month and again this year we are planning events in each state to help celebrate.
But this all costs money, and while I try and cover costs where I can it’s with donation drives like Thai that really help out the club.

So, this time I have assembles a selection of new and MiB figures that you could win off a single donation.
For those first time players, $5 gets you a ticket in the giveaway. $25 gets you 5 tickets and so on. Multiple ticket purchases are allowed.
So what are the prizes,

Mp10 Optimus Prime Misb
Maketoys Nemesis Battle Tanker
Mp29 Lazerwave Misb
Mp23 Exhaust MIb
Takara G1 Encore Rarchet
Takara G1 Encore Ironhide
Titanium Megatron Mib
Takara Unite Warriors Bruticus Misb
Transformers Energon Grimlock & Swoop Misb
CHUG Rodimus and Galvatron 2 pack Misb
ROTF Deluxe Mudflap Moc
Combiner Wars Viper Moc
Combiner Wars Chopshop Moc
Combiner Wars Thundercracker Moc
Combiner Wars Rodimus Moc
Combiner Wars Groove Moc
Combiner Wars Powerglide
Combiner wars Blackjack

The draw will run as before, 1st ticket drawn gets first pick of a prize, second gets second pick and so on. Tickets are now available for purchase via PayPal and put “August donation” in the comments section. Bank transfer also available upon request.
Last tickets need to be purchased by midnight Friday September 2nd, and the live draw will happen on Sunday September 4th at 6am AEST.

Good luck to everyone, you got to be in it to win it


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