Episode 067 “Feedbackpalooza” in Now Online


Sorry for the delay folks, with a change in job, setting the new studio up and a issue with YouTube all lead to a delayed show this week. But without further ado, here’s episode 067 Feedbackpalooza

Opening credits added in edit (new Podcast Intro)

Hello and welcome to Off The Shelf, the Voice of Transformers Collector Club Australia.

This is episode 67 Recorded live on July 1st, 2016


>>>What have you been up to this week?

00:08:14 Off The Shelf is the podcast for Transformers Collectors Club Australia.
The TCCA website is http://www.transformerscca.com – there you’ll find links to our Facebook discussion group, the sales group, the YouTube channel and Twitter page and of course, this podcast!

July is Club membership time. This year we are giving paid members more bang for thier Buck, with 4 levels of membership

Paid n proud membership $5.
Bronze Level Membership $15
Silver level Membership $25.
Gold level Membership $50.
If you want to take part in the elections in August now is the time to become a club member.

This week:
Paid and Proud Member count: 15
Facebook Member count: 1833 +29 from last week, thank you Perth Nova

Brad: Yellow Toyworld devi

00:14:44 Max: Custom Robots Prowl.

00:17:53 Mikey: Perfect effect Optimal Primal https://www.facebook.com/perfecteffect.pe/photos/pcb.1347723828574364/1347723585241055/?type=3&theater

00:20:52 John: Skate board decks https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153840274643520&set=gm.584223171738290&type=3&theater

00:26:43 Transformers: Prime Blu-Ray Box Set Listing

Transformers: Prime the Complete Series Blu-Ray Boxset

00:33:49 Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars – More Info and Computron Voice Actor Revealed

Prelude to Transformers Combiner Wars – Machinima Series Teaser Trailer

Transformers: Combiner Wars Prelude Episode 2 – 4 Descriptions

00:46:58 Takara Transformers Unite Warriors Lynxmaster Box Art

Unite Warriors UW-EX Lynx Master Box Art Revealed

00:48:07 Fans Toys Berserk – Masterpiece-Styled Blitzwing Product Announce

Fans Toys Berserk – Masterpiece-Styled Blitzwing Product Announcement

Brad: are they just waiting to see what others are doing then getting thier designers to mock up a sketch in a week?

00:54:18 Master Made Destroy Scorpion Test Shot

Master Made Destroy Scorpion Test Shot

00:58:21 Prime 1 Studio PMTF-01 Generation 1 Optimus Prime Revealed

Prime 1 Studio PMTF-01 OPTIMUS PRIME

01:05:51 Imaginarium Art Soundwave Statue Update

Imaginarium Art Soundwave Statue Update

01:08:28 Movie News
Tyreece has signed on
Hasbro files for the Trademark “Autobot Squeeks”

One-of-a-Kind Revenge of the Fallen Chromia for Sale

This is the part of the podcast where we talk about the latest additions to our collections, what we are currently hunting for or a look back at a figure we haven’t touched in awhile.

01:15:45 Mikey: Lots of KO’s
01:34:40 Brad: DX9 Chuggurth, rid ratchet and clampdown. final two fine fragrances displays, now totalling 5
01:39:14 John: titans return fort max
01:43:13 Max: CW leader starscream and thundercracker, takara armada starscream, botcon fisitron, MP tracks, MTMTE 54.
01:45:12 Jason: MP LoudPedal, Iron Factory Diaclone Magnus

01:48:26 FEEDBACK
Keiran Rossteuscher Oh another one! Do you think TFs has been backed into a G1 corner? Or could they start another line/show/comic that doesn’t rely on current core G1 characters?
02:04:49 Neil Page What do you guys think about all of these different versions of the same character coming out like fort max and the sdcc differences?
02:10:14 Jason Attenborough Hmmm 🤔 “i think the best ever transformer line ever came out was the scale model version of actual vehicles, such as optimus prime as a dodge ram! Do you agree or disagree?”

02:11:36 OUTRO
Thank you for listening, shameless plugs, the week ahead.

You can also find the podcast on iTunes, so please head over there and give us a review – the link is on the website and in the show notes.

And finally the podcast is recorded live on YouTube in video form, where you’ll see us and all the items we talk about on the show. The link to the YouTube channel is on the TCCA site and in the show notes.

End Credits (added in post)


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