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Episode 065 “Computron’s” is now up for download on iTunes and the Off a The Shelf Site

Opening credits added in edit (new Podcast Intro)

Hello and welcome to Off The Shelf, the Voice of Transformers Collector Club Australia.

This is episode 65 Recorded live on june 17th, 2016


>>>What have you been up to this week?

00:04:34 Off The Shelf is the podcast for Transformers Collectors Club Australia.
The TCCA website is – there you’ll find links to our Facebook discussion group, the sales group, the YouTube channel and Twitter page and of course, this podcast!

This week:
Paid and Proud Member count: 210
Facebook Member count: 1773 +9 from last week

The TCCA store is now open, we’ve imported some new and old mp figures and have them up on the bst group. All prices include shipping Aus wide. Limited numbers so jump in quick.
Some figures up this week include Mp25 Loud Pedal, DX09’s Carry, Takara Lynx Master and Iron Factories Aurora Knights Dynobots.

Sydney Supanova this weekend. The floor plans out and has been posted up in the group.

00:07:52 A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK (ep17)
Supanova eve, we recorded our first and only live show in the same room.
Hasbro Devi went on sale at big w for $198
First prototype images of gravity builders Devi were revealed
A wave of masterpiece scaled 3p Hounds were announced
We got our first look at transformers devastation

Brad: there’s been a steady build of a Soundwave Tshirt group over the last two weeks. Kmart have the shirt for $10, and members are getting thier hands on it

Jason: Max Tibby’s rarities post

00:39:50 John: ft07x announcement

00:22:19 NEWS
Transformers Combiner Wars Computron In-Hand Images

New In-Hand Images of Combiner Wars Computron

00:23:49 Transformers Combiner Wars G2 Bruticus Collector Set In-Hand

00:26:17 Vintage Arts Soap Studio Transformers Collection Vinyl Statues

00:29:58 Takara Transformers Masterpiece Cheetor Revealed at Tokyo toy Show 2016

MASTERPIECE CHEETOR First Prototype Image!

00:32:55 Final Product for Takara Transformers Unite Warriors Computron and More Show Pictures

00:35:49 TakaraTomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-25L Loudpedal In Hand
And box art

00:43:19 ToyWorld Reveals Masterpiece Scale Jazz Figure Blues

ToyWorld Reveals Masterpiece Scale Jazz Figure Blues

00:48:08 Movie News
Transformers: The Last Knight Possible Plot Points Revealed

More Vehicles from Transformers: The Last Knight Arizona Filming

More New Images Of Transformers 5 Principal Photography In Arizona

Of note what thier describing as Hounds Bumper stickers and a autobot death count and human count on the two truck
More Info And Images Of Transformers: The Last Knight Dump Truck

More Info And Images Of Transformers: The Last Knight Dump Truck

This is the part of the podcast where we talk about the latest additions to our collections, what we are currently hunting for or a look back at a figure we haven’t touched in awhile.

Jason: Nothing this week! Some stuff on the way. Supanova tomorrow!†facf
Brad: nil
John: nil

01:08:31 OUTRO
Thank you for listening, shameless plugs, the week ahead.

You can also find the podcast on iTunes, so please head over there and give us a review – the link is on the website and in the show notes.

And finally the podcast also goes up on YouTube in video form, where you’ll see all the items we talk about on show. The link to the YouTube channel is on the TCCA site and in the show notes.

End Credits (added in post)


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