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Episode 064 “Full House” is now up for download, and she’s a longin

Opening credits added in edit (new Podcast Intro)

Hello and welcome to Off The Shelf, the Voice of Transformers Collector Club Australia.

This is episode 64 Recorded live on june 10th, 2016


>>>What have you been up to this week?

00:03:48 Off The Shelf is the podcast for Transformers Collectors Club Australia.
The TCCA website is – there you’ll find links to our Facebook discussion group, the sales group, the YouTube channel and Twitter page and of course, this podcast!

This week:
Paid and Proud Member count: 210
Facebook Member count: 1764 +1 from last week

00:08:27 The TCCA store is now open, we’ve imported some new and old mp figures and have them up on the bst group. All prices include shipping Aus wide. Limited numbers so jump in quick.
Some figures up this week include Mp25 Loud Pedal, there’s a couple of Takara MP10’s left plus we still have MMC Neo Rex, Mmc Reformatted R-15 – Jaegertro and Maketoys battle Tankor Up for sale.

And I was a week early, Sydney Supanova is next weekend. The floor plans out and has been posted up in the group.

00:12:29 A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK (ep16)
Official images of the sdcc version of devastator were released
We got prototype shots of Takaras fembot set (black arachnia, night bird and wingblade)
And we got our first look at dx9’s Carry

Brad: Max Tibby posted up the 86’ toy catalogue. Interesting how many of the original figures now have new updates

Jason: Cap going undercover as a Hydra agent? He’s got nothing on Megatron!

John: “what would you do if you seen Unicron approaching earth”

00:31:54 New artwork revealed for upcoming Transformers The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray and DVD
It’s also being released on blu ray by shout factory

00:44:34 Official Images of Masterpiece Thrust

Official Images of Transformers Masterpiece NT-11 Thrust

00:51:22 Masterpiece Inferno Colored Prototype Revealed at Tokyo Toy Show

00:58:41 Official Images of Unite Warriors EX Lynx Master

01:02:53 TakaraTomy Transformers Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus In-Package

Unite Warriors Bruticus Packaging Image

01:09:03 Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Wheelie and GoShooter New Image

01:12:10 KFC Crash Hog and Dumpyard
Final Product Images and Listings

KFC Crash Hog and Dumpyard – Final Product Images and Listings

Both figures are sub-$100 at Premium Collectables. There’s an odd disclaimer about Dumpyard not being able to be combined with other orders.

01:17:25 Perfect Effect PC-15 Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime Upgrade Kit

Perfect Effect PC-15 Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime Upgrade Kit

Perfect Effect, fine purveyors of upgrade kits for combiners everywhere, this week announced an upgrade kit for a figure we’ve barely laid eyes on – Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime. The kit forms an additional trailer for the figure in alt mode, leading to speculation it’ll mainly consist of an armour upgrade for Prime’s robot mode.

01:21:06 Toyworld confirm Bruticus and Superion next on the drawing board
Toyworld casually confirmed they’ve got two more combiners on the drawing board this year, responding to a fan’s enquiry in the TFW2005 message boards.

Movie News
01:27:33 Bumblebee Confirmed
New Look at Last Knight Mystery Military Autobot
And the vehicle pics

Possible Transformers 5 Hound new alternate mode?

Transformers: The Last Knight Filming Caught On Video, Includes Bumblebee, Military Vehicles, And More

New Vehicles Spotted On The Set Of Transformers: The Last Knight

More Images – Transformers: The Last Knight Arizona Filming: Autobots, Decepticons, Military

New Transformers 5 Potential Character Spotted On Set

New Transformers 5 Potential Character Spotted On Set

This is the part of the podcast where we talk about the latest additions to our collections, what we are currently hunting for or a look back at a figure we haven’t touched in awhile.

Jason: Everything
Brad: nil

02:12:26 OUTRO
Thank you for listening, shameless plugs, the week ahead.

You can also find the podcast on iTunes, so please head over there and give us a review – the link is on the website and in the show notes.

The 11th annual podcast awards is currently happening. Please head over to and vote for us under the games and hobbies section, you can vote daily, votes close June 12th so get onto it.

And finally the podcast also goes up on YouTube in video form, where you’ll see all the items we talk about on show. The link to the YouTube channel is on the TCCA site and in the show notes.

End Credits (added in post)


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