TCCA Review Corner: Takara LG-17 Blackwidow (Blackarachnia)


Figure: LG17 Takara Legends Blackwidow (Blackarachnia)
Accessories: Harpoon Launcher
Purchased Price: $45
Release date: Sep 2015



As many know Beast wars was my G1. I remember riding my bike the 2kms down the driveway in a frantic rush to make it home In time to watch the newest episodes, the pedals seeming a blur as was my heart rate.
Being young and out of the collecting community I had no idea of the Truck not monkey war that had started with the release of beast wars. Even now I only see it as a childish reaction from a portion of the fandom that thinks G1 is the be all of a 30 year old franchise.
While many of the characters I liked, Blackarachnia was one of my favourites, and it wasn’t just because of her energon laden chest. She was crafty, back stabbing and a bad girl at heart, something lost in Beast Machines.
Sadly her Toy release for Beast wars was only a repaint of Tarantulas which was a good figure in itself, but looked nothing like her.
It would be 11 years before the character would return in Transformers Animated.

Although her name sake was released several times from Happy Meal toys to Exclusives, it was always the Beast Machines or Tarantulas mounds. With Transformers animated we got a new mould and a new take on the character.

TA09 Deluxe Blackarachnia was the first we got that nailed her on screen character design. But although the figure looked good, her articulation and engineering wasn’t. Ball jointed hips gave the legs some movement but it was limited. And small feed and heels made her hard to stand and pose in a display. Her spider mode wasn’t much better, her hands clearly visible instead of being hidden away was one downside of her alt mode.


Finally in 2015 we got a Blackarachnia we’d been waiting for all this time. And yes while it’s a retool of the Animated Mould, the head sculpt and paint on the figure is well done. The face sculpt is Beast Wars Blackarachnia, and with some added clear yellow plastic she has her famous chest as well.


Comparing the two figures, the engineering between the two remains unchanged which is a pity, her trademark clawed hands weren’t added to the new design.
Some of the retooling changes between the two includes her alt mode Eyes on her chest, and removal of here tiny front spider legs that were on the animated versions for so.
Other Articulation includes ball jointed shoulders and elbows giving them a wide range of movement. He ball jointed head also gives here a wide range of movement but with no knee pivot and small heels she is still hard to pose.

With A masterpiece Optimus Primal and Cheetor on the way to scale with the generations/legends Beast Wars releases, this is probably the best Blackarachnia we will ever get. There is a possibility she will make her debut on the big screen in Transformers 5, I’ll pick up the figure but the movie characters shouldn’t be compared to what came before.
If your a beast wars fan, the Takara Blackarachnia is a must have on your beast wars shelf. Her size scales with the original figures if you need to fill that spot. A must have

Brad Oztron Prime

*figures Pictured are miss transformed


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