TCCA Review Corner: Mp 10 Optimus Prime


Figure: Masterpiece 10 Optimus Prime
Accessories: trailer base, Roller, Spike Witwicky, blaster, Energon Axe, Matrix of Leadership.
Purchased Price: $245
Release date: September 22nd, 2011


It can’t be denied, Optimus prime is one of the most recognised heroic characters from the 80’s. And although my g1 was Beast Wars and the better leader that was Optimus Primal, that’s Maximals not Autobots so there’s no comparison.
This figure isn’t Takara’s first try at a masterpiece Prime, Mp 01 was released in 2003 and came in 4 different colour schemes.The figure itself is probably the best figure in the line when discribed as a Masterpiece figure. Rubber tyres, articulated fingers, wrists, elbows with working pistons and piston ankle tilts. With a megatron in gun mode, wrist communicator and light up Matrix and Eyes, it shows why soo many consider it to be the best prime on the market.
Now I don’t currently own the Mp01 mould, and after spending some time with it, I don’t think I ever will.
First up the mould has a lot of built in diecast. And while it adds some nice weight to the figure, I think it’s to its detriment. I’ve heard stories of the rubber tyres cracking also.
And then there’s the look of the figure itself. If you close one eye, then yes it looks like Prime, but not good enough in my opinion.the square chest and deeply set grill just looks off to me. And considering the torso is a fake section that dosen’t become the front of the truck. It seems a better design could of been done there, well now it has.


In 2011 we got round 2, Masterpiece 10. After the masterpiece line having highs and lows both in scale and figure quality, Takara set a new sizing scale with their new Autobot Commander. Gone was the diecast, pistons and light up features. Two accessories came back, being his iconic blaster and his energon axe from that one episode of the pilot. Three new accessories were included, most importantly his iconic trailer featuring his repair bay and roller. Mp01 originally had to make do with a cardboard mock up trailer until a official trailer was released with the MP04 run.
Comparing the Hasbro and Takara figures there’s only a couple of different paint differences. With roller the Takara version went show accurate and painted theirs silver, Hasbro went Toy accurate and painted theirs purple. The Trailer itself has some slight paint differences on the internal walls but is mostly identical.
The repair bay mirrors the original g1 toy nicely, and roller even has the ability to two primes trailer which is a nice touch.


Looking at MP10 itself, for the most part is looks like they pulled the G1 character straight off the tv screen. While there’s been some added detail, I don’t think he’d look the same if released today after a line change to more cartoon accurate looking figures. The torso looks soo much better then the Mp01 mould, however he doesn’t have the light up features behind the Matrix of Leadership.
The most noticeable difference between the Takara and Hasbro release with Prime himself is the eyes. While the Hasbro version has painted blue eyes, Takara went with blue plastic. But without proper light piping he comes off with a dead stare. Personally I went with the Hasbro version because of this.


The transformation isn’t too difficult, some clever engineering in the legs and arms. Without the diecast more dynamic poses are achievable not having the extra weight up high. His arms have a wide range of motion, he can even hold open his chest Windows revealing the Matrix chamber, good stuff. Articulated hands hold his blaster nicely and his energon axe simply slips on over his fist.
The paint on the figure can’t be faulted, the deep red and dark blue is about as screen accurate as you can get. The chrome sections pop without any signs of chipping.


But the figure does have some negatives. While mine has these bad points I’ve heard of others with the same issues so while they might now be a widespread issues there are some figures out there suffering from the same problems.
Out of the box the ankle joints were loose. While they have a wide range of movement the ankles can’t be relied on to keep the figure the figure upright. Mine was a first run release so I’m unsure if future reissues fixed this problem or if it’s gotten worse.
Another problem mine has is his rocket launcher finger. While his index finger is nicely articulated it likes to shoot off at the knuckle and be lost forever. If you don’t see it fly away it’s very hard to find, and it’s probably one of the most searched replacement part on eBay.


In closing Mp 10 is Optimus prime. The character, the hero, the icon, all in one 10 inch tall figure. The accessories included make the price well worth it. While mine has loose ankle joints he still poses well and has a presence on your shelf. Add the following Masterpiece Autobot figures and you have the g1 cartoon right there on your shelf.
Optimus Prime is a must have figure, whether you collect or just want a lasting memory of your childhood, Mp10 is the figure for you.


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