TCCA Review Corner: Mp28 Hot Rodimus


Figure: Takara Mp 28 Hot Rodimus (Hotrod)
Accessories: Blasters x2, Pizza Cutter hand Attachment x1, Fishing Rod x1
Purchased Price: $110
Release date: April 2016

First there was Mp09 Rodimus With his Triple changer gimmick giving us both Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime from the 86’ Animated Film. Many will know, heard or even experienced some of the quality issues that figure had, from leg flaps breaking unexpectedly or knee joints dissolving in package.
Most will agree a new updated Character was needed not only to improve the quality but also to scale better with the new Masterpiece scale set by Mp10 Optimus Prime. Quality aside I didn’t mind the original figure. I personally own the Takara version with trailer accessory and am very lucky in saying I brought it second hand, removed from its packaging and put into my display on “Rodimus” Bot mode. That’s all I need him to be, his too big to be Hot Rod, and I feel they captured the movies character design nicely, maybe the most cartoon accurate Masterpiece figures that had been released so far.
On Episode 031 of the Off The Shelf podcast (September 2015) we reported the first images of a new Hotrod 2.0. Since then even after colour being added one part of the new figure stuck out to me, his long and completely flat bonnet piece.


Now one can’t be too picky, looking at the original G1 figure he also had a family flat torso. But his light section also tilted downwards, something I wish the Masterpiece figure did as well, just to add come curve to his front. Hot Rod is a futuristic sports car with curves that never end, his robot mode should also reflect this.


But enough of the negatives, because believe it or not that is my only criticism. First of his accessories, most will know by now the only reason I purchased this figure is because of his Fishing pole accessory, allowing collectors to post him in that iconic shot from the opening scene of the 86’ movie. He also comes with his spinning disc weapon which was also used in the movie as well as two Blasters that look a lot like his original weapons. A good selection of bonus parts for the price of the figure.


With the figure itself, most mp’s especially the cars I’ll explode and then try and make into a robot. The last three car bots I haven’t done this after hearing about broken tabs and stress marks.
Following my trusty YouTube reviewer of choice I found the transformation to be fairly straight forward and enjoyable. He might even be the first Masterpiece car that I’ll transform back to car more than once.
His engineering seems fine, I did have a small issue with the orange shoulder flaps tabbing in but once he was fully transformed they stayed where needed to.
Although the paint on the figure isn’t the same as the original Mp09 I still like it. It’s close enough to the screen model and seems to have been applied well without any signs of chipping or wear.


Pose ability is pretty good on this guy, the Zen Yoga pose he achieves for “fishing mode” is something no other Masterpiece has been able to achieve before. However the added hip movement required ball joints and not hip ratchets which seem to be a little loose. His arms have some great range and I love the wrist guns pointing straight forward in a defensive pose.

Similarly to Mp09, I love the face sculpt. Both Masterpiece Hotrods have had a very toy accurate face which I like. And even with a second go they still seemed to mould his hands off skeletor with small bony joints. The continuing trend of non articulated thumbs make it hard for him to hold his weapons.


In conclusion I would of likes some shoulder, waist and calf detail even if it was stickers like the g1 figure. But that’s toy accuracy and not cartoon so I understand why it didn’t happen.
At $110 I feel his priced just about right, and he should be on your list to buy if you’re a masterpiece collector. He displays perfectly with the he other Masterpiece autobots, and even scales pretty well with Mp09 if his in Rodimus mode. Soo happy to have him in my collection.


Brad Oztron Prime.


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