Off The Rails Epidose 07 is now up for download


Off The Rails EP 007 “Gold Coast Nova crossover with Oz Kultura Fiends” is now up for download

A massive thank you to Nev and JD for the opportunity to record a Supanova recap and general geek discussion Nd then use that audio for our own show. They did do two interviews at Supanova that weren’t included In This show. If you’re interested in the interviews, head over and check out Episode 23 Of the podcast. Accually go and sign up to the show anyway, the guys talk all things Aussie Pop Culture well worth the listen


Opening banter
00:07:05 Rogue one Trailer
00:15:16 David Brent Movie Trailer
00:16:20 Dare Devil season 2
00:18:55 TMNT 2013 crossover
00:22:32 TCCA back story
00:25:15 Marvel talk
00:29:11 Nova talk
00:43:01 Cheese TV at Nova and 90’s Nastalgia
00:55:25 who should of got the matrix, hotrod or ultra Magnus
00:59:26 links and outro


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