ComicXpo 2016 Roundup


Yesterday the club set up our largest display yet at ComicXpo in the Collingwood Town hall, which was such a great venue. We bumped in at 7:15 am thinking wrongly that doors opened at 9am, sigh.

But once those doors opened, we got a lot of people stopping and talking transformers with us. We sold a lot of Faction symbol badges and handed out a heap of flyers and cards.


The crowd seemed to consist more of general comic fans while stall holders were hard core collectors with Mib G1 Fort max or a original carded r2d2 sealed away in Perspex, and sadly those items didn’t move.


But back to our table, we had a lot of kids coming up and playing with one steps and simplified figures and even a few movie Deluxes that were kindly donated to the club. And they were the most well behaved children I’ve ever seen at a event.


I’d like to welcome all out new social members to the club. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to say hi again at Melbourne Supanova in April.



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