TCCA Feb Donation Drive is Now Live



Well here we are, a new month and a new donation drive. February already, this year is flying.
And for February I’be found a small collection of figures to give away, including:

Masterpiece 03 Hasbro Soundwave. He is MIb, complete and in displayed condition

G1 Commemorative Optimus Prime. He is brand new, sealed in box. And yes this is a reissue.

Combiner Wars Voyager Onslaught. He is currently on pre order and should be released by months end.

Combiner Wars Voyager Scattershot. He is MIsB and ready to ship.

I also have two framed A4 posters of the 84-85 cartoon characters (most of them anyway) that I’ll be giving away as luck dip prizes just for donating. Plus there’s some faction symbol badges to have out also.

Those who have been here for a while know the drill, but for new members the donation drive works like this.
For every Donation of $5 you will receive a ticket number for the main draw. Donate $10 and you get two tickets, donate $30 and you get 6 etc. Donations are to be sent via PayPal to and only put your name or screen name in comments section. There is no need to type RAFFLE in there and anyone doing so will have thier money refunded and be removed from the giveaway. Bank transfers are also Available so pm me for bank details.

Donations will be received up until midnight, Friday February 26th and the winners will be drawn in Sunday the 28th of Feb at 6pm AEDST.

So good luck to everyone, and remember, you got to be in it to win it


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