TCCA Christmas Giveaway Done



Well the draw wasn’t recorded Live due to technical  difficulties, so we went back to the old way of doing things. Congratulations To the 20 winners.

Arnaud Palmer, Max Tibby, Winston Morasa, Gavin Long, Michael Cove, Chris McKennariey, Marty Ross, Daniel Chen, Brock Watson, Luke Turner, Martin Nguyen, Beverly Chambers! Jericho Dizon, Christian Lando, Justin Masaru, James Butler, Alan Jones, Dion Turner, Mikey siciliano and Shane Higgins.

Thank you to everyone that donated over the last two months, we Received 146 donations  and handed out 676 tickets which was Well above out goal of 400 tickets. The club is now in the black, and we have already booked the Melbourne And Gold Coast Supanova tables and are looking good for 2016.

Again thank You and watch this space



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